Administrative Information Technologist needed in Misawa Japan

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Company Description

Company: Entourage Consulting

Entourage Consulting supports the US government. We provide comprehensive civilian staffing solutions to contract and procurement offices of US Government installations around the world. With our Headquarters in San Antonio, TX and our APAC office in Tokyo, Japan we effectively help the U.S. government with contract staff augmentation and locum services of civilian professionals. Entourage is a veteran owned fully licensed total service Provider with more than 40 years’ experience working with the US military and government.

Description of Services
The successful candidate shall be monitoring and maintaining the computer systems and networks within an organization in a technical support role. If there are any issues or changes required, such as forgotten passwords, viruses or email issues, you’ll be the first person employees will come to.

Essential Responsibilities:
• Support of daily IT operations during regular work days and duty hours (Mon – Fri, 0700 to 1600).
• Support consists of the tasks, functions, and services outlined in the following sections: – Install, connect, configure, upgrade, troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair client computing devices including desktop, laptop, and handheld computing systems and peripherals.
• This activity may include moving systems and peripherals within and between locations.
• Repair activities will be limited to tasks normally accomplished by personnel working in a campus environment such as replacing internal hard disk drives, memory modules, or interface cards. –
• Install, configure, upgrade, troubleshoot, and diagnose client computing software.
• This includes, operating systems, application software, utility software, and DoDEA procured/developed standard system software. – Self-directed installation, connection, and troubleshooting of network devices (hubs, switches, wireless access points) incidental to providing network connectivity for client computing devices.
• More complex activities will be performed at the direction and under the close supervision of higher level support personnel.
• These responsibilities may include moving systems and peripherals within and between locations. – Maintain elements of campus IT infrastructure such as rudimentary interconnection of network devices; configure and connect end-user devices to the network; perform system monitoring routines such as verifying system backups, virus scanning, analysis of disk space utilization, user and computer account management and maintenance.
• Troubleshoot and resolve problems related to these activities. – Ensure that elements of the campus IT infrastructure and AT work spaces are consistently maintained in an uncluttered state of good order and organization.
• This includes office and other work spaces utilized by Contractor personnel, clusters of end-user computing and communications devices and related cabling deployed in instructional and administrative spaces, cross-connection and aggregation points, and other IT related structures commonly found on a campus.
• Manage user accounts and access relating to the electronic messaging infrastructure including problem description, troubleshooting, escalation, and resolution.
• Provide support for DoDEA standard systems servicing functional areas such as Fiscal, Human Resources, Logistics, and Procurement to ensure systems operate and are maintained in accordance with DoDEA Pacific IT guidelines.
• Provide direct end-user support on the proper use and operation of desktop/laptop systems hardware, peripherals, software, and network resources.
• Provide Government developed briefings to end users on Information Assurance and Computer Security annually during regular work hours. – Use the Government-provided helpdesk system (Pacific Service Desk) to open, track, monitor, escalate and resolve all service requests.
• This position may be required to work outside normally scheduled duty hours in support of the activities above.
• Work outside of normal duty hours must be authorized by the COR.

Position Requirements

College,   1 to 2 Years work experience

Skills & Requirements
• Current background investigation requirement is a NACLC – Contractor personnel shall be certified at a minimum of Information Assurance Technical (IAT) Level I – Must possess and maintain a local U.S. Forces, Personally Owned Vehicle (POV) operator’s permit at the overseas location.
• Ability to think logically;
• A good memory of how software and operating systems work;
• Excellent listening and questioning skills, combined with the ability to interact confidently with clients to establish what the problem is and explain the solution;
• Ability to work well in a team;
• Problem solving skills;
• A strong customer focus;
• Ability to prioritize your workload;
• Attention to detail.
• Prior experience in a school environment is a plus
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