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About Canada Apple Picking Jobs

In Canada, apple pickers are employed on SAWP- Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program. The SAWP was built up in 1966 as a method for conveying various specialists to Canada to enable make to up for a lack of apple pickers.

Canada Apple Pickers Jobs

Canada government is making so many rules and regulations for Workers like apple pickers, farm workers etc.

Under SAWP, the business must select specialists in a common place well being design and enroll them with the work environment security protection board.

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Managers give free lodging (with the exception of in B.C., where it is mostly deducted from specialists’ wages) yet can deduct the cost of a laborer’s visa, utilities and part of their transportation from their compensation. Expanded well being scope is paid for by the source nation

In Canada for Apple workers’ Wages should take after the same “winning rate” rules as SAWP, albeit not at all like with SAWP they are not set by the HRSDC, and up to this point, there has been no certain instrument for observing that businesses are really paying winning rates.

There are various requirement of Apple Pickers Workers in Canada,
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